Guy Fenn-Newbury

AS199109: Guy Fenn-Newbury Network


This is a small network operated by Guy. I'm a devops engineer and IPv6 enthusiast based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. Most network traffic will come from my homelab, and a few VLANs of my home network setup.


Why manage my own network? Mainly because I find it fun. As a person working in Platform/Devops engineering, I get to play with a lot of technologies as part of my work. However, networking usually isn't one of them. So I do it as a hobby in my free time.

Additionally, IPv6 implementation in the UK is very much lacking, with many ISPs relying on CG-NAT to extend the use of IPv4 since the global exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.


Feel free to reach out via email. I'm open to advice and new opportunities.

In case things went horribly wrong, please send an email directly to This address is monitored at least daily.


In general I maintain an open peering policy and peer at physical IXPs. Check out PeeringDB for detailed and up-to-date information.

I currently have a peering presence at the following IXPs:

If you are interested in peering, please send an email to


Some parts of the network will be named "Guy Newbury" and other parts "Guy Fenn-Newbury". This is because I have recently married and changed my name. However, they both refer to the same network.


I owe a lot of my knowledge to the IPv6 Discord group, who have helped guide me in setting up my ASN, getting prefix allocations, and getting IXP peering and transit set up. Without them, I would still be fumbling about with tunnelbrokers.

Additionally, this site layout was designed by Hazel Reimer, who created it for Hazelnet (AS200242). She has very kindly let me use it for my site.